Anne Blanchette
Member of the Yankee Golden Retriever Club and The Natural Rearing Breeders Association
Member of The Golden Retriever Club of America, Inc.


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Natural Breeder of quality Golden Retrievers
We are located in New Hampshire USA

Member of Golden Retriever Club of American
Member of Yankee Golden Retriever Club
Member of Framingham District Kennel Club


Golden-B-Bear Margarita On The House



We are located in New England in the lovely town of Plymouth, NH. Less than 2 hours from Boston, MA.

Breeder of top quality golden retrievers for companion, competition, and working homes
 since 1999.
Producing the Best by feeding a raw diet and using only holistic measures to keep them safe and healthy since 2006.

Golden-B-Bear Golden Retrievers is dedicated to producing top quality Golden Retrievers.  I have been breeding, raising and showing goldens since 1999.  I am a member in good standings with the American Kennel Club and a board member of Yankee Golden Retriever Club and member of the Framingham District Kennel Club.  All of my litters come from parents that are OFA  hip, and OFA elbow clear. Their eyes are certified by a board ophthalmologist, screening for any abnormalities, and cleared of cardiovascular disease by a cardiologist. I am now performing 3 new test clearances for ichthyosis and prcd-PRA and PRA1 inherited eye disease.  My goldens are raised with a holistic approach and a Natural rearing to diet and care. My Goldens are fed a raw diet  and I do minimal vaccinations.
I believe that the appropriate diet, less vaccinations, less toxic chemicals in and around them is key in raising a healthy immune system.  To find out more about diet and vaccination protocols please see My raw diet page and vaccination page.   My goal is to be the Top Breeder in my area that produces Healthier Goldens and Best tempered personalities and striving to keep to AKC Standards
  I only breed Goldens  who display the true Golden Retriever  temperament.
 My litters are born and socialized in my home at an early age until they come to you at 8 weeks of age. My pups have complete and thorough examinations by my vet at the age of 8 weeks and are guaranteed to be in good health on departure to their new homes.   I sell my pups with a limited registrations.  I do  recommend that you spay/neuter after the age of 18 to 24 months.  

Welcome to  Golden-B-Bear Kennels
(A Registered Kennel Name with AKC)
also know as Goldenbear Kennels!
Breeder of Golden Retrievers

Bailey and Seger pups 2010

Morgan, Brady and Bear

Before picking up your new puppy from Golden-B-Bear Kennel, I will take all the new families to my local pet store to help you choose the right products for your pup.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming for some who are not sure what items are needed when raising a new puppy.  I try to keep it simple buy buying only the things you really need.  I will show you what items I recommend  that will be very helpful for keeping your pup safe and happy.  
Sometime after you get your pup, I will  provide a reunion to make sure your are doing well with training and diet. This will be a good time to talk about training, diet and socialization for your puppy.   Not many breeders go to this length in making sure that their future puppy owners have a good start in the care and raising of their new beloved pet.  I am committed to making sure of this and will continue to support your needs through out the life of your new golden.  It is very important to me that these special pups get the right homes and the right start in life.  I don't want to see any of my pups end up in a pound or worse in a home that won't take proper care of it.   I do recommend you sign up for a puppy Kindergarten class or some form of puppy class.  Especially for Pets in Sudbury has some great trainers there and I also recommend the Yankee Golden Retriever Club puppy kindergarten program in Boxboro, MA.  It is vital for your pup to get the right socialization at an early start and for you to get the basic training tips and care from a certified trainer.
   . I am a member of 2 natural breeders groups:

some of the Madison x Scout pups 2013

Scarlet x Scout litter 2013

2010 litter.....can we watch Animal Planet.....please?

All of our puppies come with:
* AKC (limited) All puppies will be registered by breeder and (upon proof of  spay/neuter) your AKC papers will then be sent to you.
* Vet Health Certificate    
All pups will be on a nosode regime for Parvo and Distemper
All new parents will be required to continue this Nosode treatment   
* stool checked and dewormed
* 1 year   guarantee ( for any genetic issue of hips, elbow or eyes) You can return puppy/dog for a full refund or a new puppy will be given from our next available litter. Guarantee is only good on pups who are kept on a raw diet, and owner follows breeder's protocol on vaccinations and holistic ways.  Vet records must show proof of a natural rearing.
* Lifetime breeder support 
* Copies of Parents Clearances and photos will be in puppy folder


Our New Champion
Ch. Colonials Standing Ovation at Goldenbear
  Click for more pictures of Mia

Our next beautiful girl working on her championship
Golden-B-Bear Margarita On The House

Margarita earned her first 3 pt major at 12 months old with handler Karen Mammano.


Meet our beautiful boy Skipper!
Foxrun's Island of Adventure at Golden-B-Bear just earned his first point towards his Championship first weekend showing him at 9 months old!! Won Winners Dog at the Worcester County Kennel Club December 1, 2013.  We are so proud of Skipper. 
Skipper wins Back to Back Majors for a total of 6 points
 Skipper wins Best of Winners Saturday and Sunday
total of 4 points
Skipper only needs one more point to finish!!
This should be in a Jeep Ad!
 Bailey and Seger pups going for a little ride!
Dillan and Luke (Morgan and Dalton pups)
Shaun at 6 weeks from Bailey and Seger litter 2010
Some of our goldens relaxing in the yard!
Morgan and Bear 2009
  Bear  10 years old on October 2009!
Bear at 12 years old
Bear and Morgan's puppyea
 Anne with Morgan and Dalton pups
 (Dillan and Luke at 9 weeks old)
Bear litter
  March 20, 2008
Dillan at 9 weeks old.  Where is the food!

 Morgan and Brady litter
Madison and Surfer pups from Morgan and Connor litter 08/23/10






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